Thursday, 17 December 2009

Money Saving ideas

Over a period of time on my main website i have been accumulating practical money saving ideas and tips that help you to save money and beat the credit crunch. The result of all these money saving ideas is that today the banks pay me interest and not the other way around.

Below are a selection that you might find helpful.

1/ Only half fill your car with fuel. Heavier cars achieve fewer miles to the gallon.

2/ Don't carry around any excess weight (like golf clubs in the boot when not needed). Each extra 50kg will increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

3/Take control of your heating You can avoid heating an empty house by using the timer so your central heating is switched off when nobody's at home. If you have radiator valves, you can also turn off radiators in rooms that are not being used. And if you would like to cut your heating bills down by 10%, just turn your central heating down by one degree.

4/This is one of the classic money saving tips but worth reminding you of. You buy a sandwich or tea or sweet each day at work. Cost $4 a day so over a course of a year assuming you work 5 day a week less the assumption you don't work for 5 weeks you will spend $940.

5/ Drive Smart. according to the Energy Savings Trust, an average motorist can save £120 per year by eco-driving, simply change gear upwards before you hit 2500rpm, leave air conditioning off and drive at speeds around 45-50 mph.

6/ If you have credit card debts consider switching them to one of the ones that offer upto 15 months interest free on the debt transferred across.

7/ Once you have a current account paying interest think about when your direct debits go out. Most people get paid on the 28th and d/d's go out on 1st. But if you change them to the 27th that money will be in your account for an extra 27 days earning interest. £500 of d/d's shifted to the 27th at 5% is almost another £25 per year earn't in interest.

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