Thursday, 1 October 2009

Common Student Debt Related Issues in UK

Every year, information sources are highlighting the issue of rising student debt in the UK out of proportion. The only difference lies in the statistics of reported numbers of students. Higher education in UK is now treated more like typical debt problems, rather than the students’ career investment.

Student Debt Issues

The high costs associated with higher education and student loans and related debt issues, have forced many especially those from lower income group & international students to seriously re-consider their intentions to pursue higher education from a university in the UK.

Student Debt Increases

Rising student debt has put a question mark on the operational efficacy of the UK higher education support machinery. In addition to this, students have also reported issues with information transparency and implicit complexities, which worsens the UK’s student debt misery further.

Student Debt Implications:

* Part-time employment is sought as an immediate solution to the increasing costs of education and decreasing the students’ debt. This is surely going to affect the objective of their education and other academic activities.

* In fear of contributing to student debt problem further, some even stop taking up any higher educations.

* Doubt arises in mind of students on various lucrative loan schemes, as offered by various UK universities & they start weighing criteria mentioned in them for taking up admissions.

* A substantial proportion of students have already started taking a university as a bad investment option, all in reference to the huge increase in student debt in last few years. There is a recent trend of increased trade-off between borrowing money from the local market & utilizing it for student debt.

* Implementation of strategies that could really cut the higher education fee and thus restrain debt problems, have restricted the learning choices available these days.

A prospective student’s attitude towards education related debt problems is to raise eyebrows on the competence and functioning of student debt relief and support systems. If the student debt support system is efficient, then the implications may not be severe & permanent.

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