Friday, 16 October 2009

How to Get out of Debt? - Learn The Tricks!

At one point in my life I was under heavy debt. So I know how it feels when your phone won’t get any respite from answering creditors’ umpteenth number of calls. You make excuses to pay by this day which again gets postponed to some other day. I had a hard time during that period. But somehow I was able to overcome that obstacle. Since the tips worked for me, I feel that can work for any of you under debt. If you are spending sleepless nights spent by getting worried about how to come out of your debt, then the following tips are just for you!

Make a list of your debt amount

It might sound weird, but often we get a momentary respite after paying one debtor just to realize that we have someone else to pay too. So the purpose of making a list is to get all of your debts in one place as well as some of the interest rate that goes along with it.

Starting working on your debt

Instead of getting worried, it’s worth trying to find out ways to get rid of your debts. If you have to worry about your debt, set aside 30 minutes every day for worrying, and schedule the next 30 minutes to actually work on getting out of debt.

Schedule one day to pay bills

Set aside one day every month where you just focus on paying all your bills and taking care of everything. Again, this will allow you to spend a lot more of your time focusing on fixing the problem and earning more money as opposed to worrying about the logistics of how to get out of debt.

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