Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cannot pay Your Student loan? – Some Helpful Tips

The first thing that you can do is apply for deference if you don't think you can make a payment. You can defer payments for a variety of reasons, but the most common is the grace period after college, or deferring payments while in college. You can also defer payments due to lack of a job, or a sudden change in available income. You still have the interest accruing, but you don't have to make any payments during the time you are deferring your bills.

Deferment can be classified into four categories

(a) In school deferment

(b)Unemployed deferment

(c)Unemployed deferment

(d)Economic Hardship Deferment:

Forbearance Student Loan

This is an excellent option that you should strongly consider. Nearly all lenders will offer this option as they don't want you to default on the loan.

The terms allow a variety of ways to help you ease the burden of paying off your loan. The options include; a temporary stop on your repayments, a pay interest only agreement, or a payment amount that is less than the normal repayment amount. A Forbearance loan is not as good as a deferment loan as you will still need to pay the interest amount back unlike a Stafford loan where the government pays the interest for you.

You can also request that you have an income based payment. This is a payment that allows you to only pay a certain amount of your income on your student loans. This is usually somewhere around 10-15 percent of your income depending on how much you make. This is available on all federal loans that might be taken out.

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