Saturday, 21 November 2009

Student Debt Consolidation

The value of student debt consolidation loans depends on the amount and type of student debt you hold. Since student debt consolidation loans tend to reduce student debt by lowering the interest rate charged on the principal, their functionality depends on the average interest rate you’re being charged for your outstanding debt.
If your student debt consists on mainly federal student loans, you’ll hardly find a debt consolidation loan featuring lower interest rates. Federal student loans are provided by the US department of Education and thus are granted with no profitable terms. The interest rate charged is destined to cover administrative costs only.
Even if part of your student debt are federal student loans, you should leave them aside when consolidating, otherwise you’ll end up paying more interests on the principal and debt consolidation won’t be worthwhile. You can try some federal programs to consolidate government loans or at least reprogram your repayment schedule to make it be gentler on your budget.
So weigh the options well before going in for student debt consolidation to strike the correct balance between your monthly outgo and the pros and cons of your student debt consolidation program in terms of bonus as well as penalties.

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