Friday, 13 November 2009

Simple ways to save money

Here are few simple measures to save money from your day to day basic expenses.


Check phone bills a few times a year, reviewing calls and costs from at least three months before. Take note of the rate of local, long distance and international calls, and compare them to new packages and offers from other providers.

Credit Cards

Switch to a card with a low annual percentage rate (APR) and get rid of excess cards, keeping the two you use most, or pay with cheque, cash or debit card at the till. Reduce fees by avoiding late payments , staying within your credit limit and save hundreds of pounds a year by paying a credit card balance by its monthly due date.

New Cars

Save hundreds on new car purchases by selecting one with low maintenance, petrol and repair costs, and researching low financing and insurance rates for that car. Checking quotes with at least four dealers, letting them know you're contacting other sellers, will give you a clear idea of the actual cost.

Car Rental

Shopping around is a great tool to compare the prices each car rental agency offers, and can save you quite a lot on basic rates. Always ask the agent about any additional charges before booking, and be sure to inquire about special offers the company might be running.


Compare the prices of petrol at many stations. Keeping a well tuned engine and properly inflated tires at the proper pressure could snag you an extra £20 at the end of the year.

Airline Fares

Flexibility is key to saving a bundle on air travel; buying in advance, using low fare carriers and taking trips with Saturday evening stay-overs can bring the cost of your flight down by as much as two- thirds!

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